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History of Solvint Procurement Academy

History of Solvint Procurement Academy

Solvint Procurement Academy is a division of Solvint Supply Management and was founded in 2003. Since then, Solvint Procurement Academy has trained over 15,000 professionals and has become the preferred leader for in-house procurement training courses. Our courses are given by experienced procurement professionals who have worked for multinationals or large national companies. We believe that if you train a team the right way, they can outperform themselves, which is why we created our own education program where we teach teams to help each other out and outperform themselves within the field of procurement.

With branches in Zürich, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Paris, Solvint Procurement Academy has developed a wide range of training courses to meet the wishes and demands of its large client base spread over 16 different industries within the whole EMEA region.

Our Key Figures

  • 15 years of experience
  • Available in more than 50 countries
  • Hands- on training courses for 16 different industries
  • More than 15.000 professionals trained

Our vision on skill development

Education and training are not the end goal; they are a means of helping employees develop as individuals and as team members, but also as people and professionals. Our training courses must therefore be seen as only one component of the learning and development cycle, not as the whole cycle itself.

The learning and development cycle consists of:

  • Skill assessments: Establishing areas for development
  • Training and education: Transfer and intake of knowledge
  • Coaching: on-the-job understanding and evolution


Your company and your team are of central importance

Traditional ‘generic’ training courses do not take into account that each company is different. They can be active in different industries and markets and can have a fundamentally different culture and knowledge level. Therefore, Solvint Procurement Academy, has developed an in-house training programme which enables you to integrate your own company’s methodology, culture and own contribution to the training.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between our general training modules, our specific in-depth training courses or a combination of both.


In-house Training courses on any location

Depending on where you want the course, Solvint Procurement Academy is available for in-house trainings at your site or at any other venue of your choice within the whole EMEA region. We have a clear vision on blended learning.  So digital where possible, physical where necessary for the impact and learning effect.

Our approach consists of 3-stages:

  • Theory as the basis and necessary first step (content)
  • Best practices with concrete, examples from your own sector or from other related and relevant ones
  • Application to translate knowledge into daily practice


Our strengths

Solvint Procurement Academy’s seminars, training courses and workshops are always structured in a practical and pragmatic way. They include a lot of practical activities and are given by experienced and energetic trainers, who are at the top in their professional field.

Their practical experience ensures that ‘theoretical’ concepts can be translated into ‘applicable’ knowledge. To give your training course extra strength Solvint Procurement Academy, in addition to its own experienced trainers, can always invite academics, guest speakers and guest lecturers from its own network.

Our international mobility, multilingual capabilities and the cultural sensitivity of our trainers make Solvint Procurement Academy an ideal partner for providing top-quality assistance for your company within the EMEA region.

Managing team of Solvint Procurement Academy EMEA

Manu Matthyssens
+32 (0) 498 16 20 40

Loek Worm
+31 (0) 6 55 86 28 80

Frank Rozemeijer
+31 (0) 6 23 09 24 09


Process industry
BASF /// Total /// Q8 /// Arcelor Mittal /// Huntsman /// Cabot /// Recticel /// StoraEnso /// Ajinomoto /// Kaneka 

B2B Services
SD Worx /// USG People /// Randstad /// Manpower /// Sodexo /// ISS /// Acerta

Retail & wholesale
HEMA /// Colruyt group /// Cebeo /// AHOLD-DELHAIZE /// Bristol /// TVH /// Vandenborre /// Hubo

Construction & Installation
Skanska /// VINCI /// Spie /// Engie /// DEME /// Imtech /// BAM /// Heymans /// Agidens

FedEx /// TNT /// PSA /// Colfridis /// Ewals /// Conway /// Myshoppy /// Euroports 

Assembly, Electronics & automotive
Atlas Copco /// AGC/// Honeywell /// Esterline /// Niko /// Daikin /// Asco /// Barco /// SABCA /// Mazda /// Tyco /// Faurecia /// Siemens

Food & Beverages
Coca Cola /// Unilever /// FrieslandCampina /// Barry Callebaut /// Vandemoortele /// Marine Harvest /// Danone /// Ter Beke group

Pharma & biotech
Sanofi /// Pfizer /// J&J /// Datwyler 
/// Novartis /// Biocartis

ICT & Utilities
Vodafone /// Orange /// Engie /// EDF /// Millicom /// Liberty global /// Eandis /// Waterlink /// Swift /// Elia

Brussels Airport ///  Red Cross /// VRT /// BPost /// UZA /// INFRABEL /// NMBS /// MIVB

Banking & Insurances
BNP Paribas Fortis /// AXA /// Belfius /// Rabobank /// Achmea /// KBC /// ING

Other references
Brady /// Sodexo /// Tenneco /// Unilin  

And many more...

locations found.

Nice ,
Nancy ,
Limoges ,
Rennes ,
Nantes ,
Malaga ,
Brighton ,
Edinburgh ,
Manchester ,
Dublin ,
Copenhagen ,
Bergen ,
Oslo ,
Helsinki ,
Stockholm ,
Seville ,
Graz ,
Milan ,
Naples ,
Barcelona ,
Valencia ,
Porto ,
Monaco ,
Manchester ,
London ,
Bordeaux ,
Marseille ,
Paris ,
Warsaw ,
Munich ,
Milan ,
Budapest ,
Frankfurt ,
Eindhoven ,
Berlin ,
Hamburg ,
Rome ,
Madrid ,
Brussels ,
Paris ,
Madrid ,
Lisbon ,
Turijn ,
Parijs ,
Unilever ,
Irish Biscuits ,
Cabot ,
Leaseplan ,
Alcatel-Lucent ,
Deutsche Börze ,
Polpharma ,
Aujan ,
Vyncke ,
Saiwa ,
Barry Callebaut ,
Skanska ,
Becton Dickinson ,
Colruyt Group ,
Barco ,
Huntsman ,
Danone ,
Engie ,
Marineharvest ,
Alpro ,
Unilever ,
Umicore ,
Datwyler ,
Medtronic ,
Hema ,
Vodafone ,
Millicom ,
Skanska ,
Atlas Copco ,
Cargotec ,
Coca cola ,


Our experts have created different sets of procurement programmes to suit the needs of any procurement professional, to help you build a team who will outperform itself and be a bigger asset to your company. We strongly believe in blended learning. Combining e-learning modules with interactive team training sessions, workshops, cases and pilot projects. Action learning as we call it.  

With our expertise in 16 industries, we can easily adapt every training to the business context ofyour company. Together, we can plan a single training or merge multiple training courses into one. It’s all up to you!